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Custom Meal Prep Services for Your Personalized Diet

Many times, we advise a modified diet for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, bacterial overgrowth, and functional bowel diseases. Sometimes we give dietary recommendations for prevention of chronic diseases as well. Recently, there has been a trend towards home meal delivery. This is quite popular because it takes the guess work out of choosing foods, organizing meal plans, and actually preparing the food. It is a great resource for people who are overwhelmed with dietary choices or who are familiar with cooking and food prep. It is a great transition as well for people who are looking to get into making their own meals. 

We have had very favorable reviews of several services. We have no relationship with these vendors other than they have done a good job for our patients, who naturally found them on their own. One of these services is Taylor Made Cuisine, which specializes in custom meal prep to fit with your diet and delivers right to your door weekly. Nutrafit is also a similar service with fresh ready to eat meals depending on what management you’d like in your diet.

Whether your dietary preference is candida, paleo, keto, low FODMAP, pescatarian, vegan, or vegetarian, these services can create a meal plan according to your diet. One of the downsides that I feel with their long-term utilization is that it can be socially isolating. It is harder to go out with people. Also, there is some guilt involved in not finishing your food. For whatever reason, it is easy to forget to consume your delivered meals. It can be "guilt inducing.”  Nonetheless, there are several advantages.


Here are three vendors that we have had good feedback from our patients:

1. Taylor Made

2. Nutrafit

3. Sunfare


Leo Treyzon MD

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