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Elation Passport: Doctor-Patient Communication Made Easy

Four years ago Dr. Treyzon implemented Elation electronic medical records (EMR) in his practice, offering patients improved quality, convenience, and coordination of care, as well as an increased opportunity for patient participation and communication.  Elation Passport provides a secure website for patients to manage their healthcare and communicate directly with Dr. Treyzon.

How It Works

Dr. Treyzon can send you a letter to your Passport account, similar to an email.  Once Dr. Treyzon’s letter is sent, you are notified, by either email or text message, that you have a message waiting from the doctor.  Within your Passport portal, you can read Dr. Treyzon’s letters, view any attached documents (such as lab and test results), and you can reply to the doctor’s letter with any questions that you have.  You can also initiate your own letter to Dr. Treyzon.  Any message you write in Passport is sent directly back to Dr. Treyzon’s office.

The Benefits

Getting Started

To get started, you will require an invitation from our office, an internet connection, and a cell phone with texting capability.

Steps to Create Your Elation Passport Account:

  1. Check your email for an invitation from our office.
    • Use the email address you shared with our office.
  2. Accept our email invitation.
    • Click on “Click Here to Register for Passport”.
  3. Check your text messages on your cell phone for a verification code.
    • A verification code will be sent to your cell phone at the number listed. If you do not receive a text message with the verification code, contact us to correct your phone number and obtain your code.
  4. Create a password.
    • This password must be at least 12 characters and include a number and a special character.
  5. Enter the invitation code.
    • Enter the verification code received from your text message or our office and click “Submit”.

If you have any issues creating your account, logging in, or registering, consult the FAQ link located beneath your name or call our office at 310-652-4472.

Natalie Bransky Assistant to Dr. Treyzon

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