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Preventing Esophageal Cancer with WATS3D


We have been performing CDx Diagnostics WATS3D for our patients the last 2 years.  This allows us the increased ability to detect Barrett’s esophagus (the earliest precursor to esophageal cancer) by 83% and esophageal dysplasia (a.k.a. the next step in the pre-cancer cascade) by 88% in GERD patients. WATS3D diagnostic tool can be added to forceps biopsies during an endoscopy to rapidly collect a sample from a larger surface in the esophagus area. This decreases the "miss rate" or "sampling error" and ultimately preempts esophageal cancer. Once identified, these cells can be easily removed.  

WATS3D technology effectively shrinks the information gap in diagnosis and surveillance for patients with Barrett’s esophagus. This in turn makes esophageal cancer a preventable disease. Not only is it really easy to do, but it is also cost-effective with wide reimbursement.

Please visit WATS3D to learn more & contact our office at (310) 652-4472 for an appointment.


Anna Chung Patient Care Coordinator

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