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Talicia: Innovative and FDA Approved Medication to Treat H. pylori Infection

H. pylori infection is a common indolent infection. It affects around 35% of our population.

H. pylori is one of the main causes of gastritis, stomach ulcers, and stomach cancer. Because of these adverse associations, there is more attention focused on easy ways to eradicate it. In this blog, we report an exciting new treatment option called Talicia, which has recently been approved by the FDA.

What’s so good about Talicia?

Talicia is a new regimen composed of omeprazole and a novel combination of two antibiotics, amoxicillin and rifabutin. The introduction of rifabutin to the treatment of H. pylori is unprecedented. It is advantageous, because it addresses H. pylori’s growing resistance to clarithromycin. We were running out of great options to eradicate H. Pylori. 

Is it safe and effective?

FDA approved this medication this year based on two Phase 3 studies that yielded positive
results. These patients were H. pylori positive and had epigastric pain. When treated with Talicia, the study reported 84% of patients with successful eradication versus 58% eradication with the standard treatment of just amoxicillin and omeprazole. There are common side effects of taking this medicine, such as headache, diarrhea, dyspepsia, abdominal pain, rash, and etc.

To read more about Talicia, please visit here and contact your gastroenterologist.


Rebekah Kim Surgery and Special Projects Coordinator

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