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Bravo Capsule Specialist

Dr. Leo Treyzon is a board certified gastroenterologist serving patients throughout the greater Los Angeles, California area. Patients who live near the Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers are encouraged to visit him if they’re interested in finding out more about the Bravo Capsule® and how it can help the doctor accurately diagnose gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and other conditions associated with acid reflux. Dr. Treyzon can effectively treat acid reflux and GERD once he makes an accurate diagnosis.

Bravo Capsule Q&A

What is GERD?

GERD stands for gastroesophageal reflux disease which occurs when the acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus causing irritation and discomfort. In severe cases, the contents of the stomach may also flush backward. If this condition persists, it can eventually damage the lining of the esophagus.

Heartburn and acid reflux are milder versions of GERD. When either occurs at least two times a week or more, the doctor may upgrade the patient's diagnosis to GERD and begin treatment accordingly. If Dr. Treyzon detects the condition early enough, the right treatment options and positive lifestyle habits may prevent permanent damage to the esophagus.

How does the Bravo Capsule work?

The Bravo Capsule allows Dr. Treyzon to assess the pH level of the stomach and the esophagus in real time. It can determine how often the contents of the stomach enter the esophagus, how long it remains, and the overall acidity of the environment when nothing is present.

The Bravo Capsule doesn’t use any invasive equipment or catheters. Instead, a small capsule is inserted into the esophageal wall and uses wireless technology to transmit the signals to a recording device for 48 hours. The patient can wear the device on the waistband of their pants or in a pocket, allowing them to continue their daily activities.

What information does the Bravo Capsule provide?

The most valuable information Dr. Treyzon needs to make an accurate GERD diagnosis is the acidity of the environment, both of the stomach as well as the esophagus. Because he places the Bravo Capsule inside the lining of the esophagus, it sends continuous, real time readings. That means it shows the level of acid within the esophagus both during and after an episode in which the stomach's contents are present. It also measures the amount of acid in the esophagus when no food has been eaten or is in the stomach.

Because the information is provided continuously in real time, Dr. Treyzon can accurately diagnose GERD and treat it accordingly. That helps him reduce the severity of the symptoms and prevent damage to the esophagus.

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  • "Dr. Treyzon is one of the most responsive and thorough doctors I have dealt with. I've seen 5 different gastroenterologists across CA and MA, Dr. Treyzon is the best..."

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  • "Dr. Leo Treyzon is an extremely intelligent, likeable and dilligent doctor. He is always on the cutting edge of the latest treatments and technologies."

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  • "He is kind, doesn't rush me, listens to my concerns, and is systematic in his diagnoses."

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  • Dr. Treyzon actually spent an incredible amount of time researching my rather arcane issue and then came up with a creative and innovative solution."

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