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Dr. Leo Treyzon always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 12 reviews with an average rating of 4.92 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Leo Treyzon below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.
Victoria R.
Submitted 03/18/18
I traveled across country from NY to see Dr. Treyzon after five years of GI appointments and tests with no results. I had even traveled to The Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Treyzon did not minimize my pain or tell me it was “psychological.” I believe what makes Dr. Treyzon unique is that he “digs much deeper.” He relies more on patient symptoms than on test results and radiology reports. Even though my radiology reports were “normal,” Dr. Treyzon looked at the imaging himself and identified abnormalities that had been identified as “within normal range.” He acknowledges that we are all unique, and a small abnormality can cause pain. He treated me based on his instincts and followed up often. If one thing did not work he tried something else. He genuinely wanted me to feel better, and he continued to work on my “puzzle” until it was solved. I am feeling much better based on Dr. Treyzon’s medical and dietary advise. Dr. Treyzon always responds promptly, even on nights and weekends. He is the most thorough and kind doctor I have met. I would travel across country to see him again and highly recommend him to anyone struggling with unresolved GI issues.
Hera T.
Submitted 03/16/18
Dr Treyzon is a fantastic, knowledgeable physician and most importantly a wonderful person.
Polin M.
Submitted 03/08/18
Dr. Treyzon is by far one of the best doctors I have ever been to. He is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and dedicated to helping his patients. He went the extra mile to help me through a complex medical issue recently and I’m extremely grateful for the personalized attention I received. I highly recommend Dr. Treyzon. He’s truly one of the best!
Tamara B.
Submitted 03/07/18
My daughter has relocated to Los Angeles, and after my hounding request for her to find a trusting physician, she delayed the dreaded search. After the umpteenth call ( a three hour time difference most were middle of the night calls causing my heart to skip a beat) from her asking me ( WebMD) to diagnosis her abdominal pain, it was time for this Mother Bear to put on her research hat and find a doc. Within our immediate family, there is a history of a severe gastrointestinal disease, and I have always held my breath when any of my kids complain of abdominal pain. While I feel I know the best of the best doctors in our hometown and surrounding regions of the Midwest, on the West Coast I was swimming in uncharted waters. I made a few calls to our doctor friends, but no one had any recommendations. So, after reading reviews and searching educational /medical backgrounds, Dr. Treyzon continually came up with all positives. So, I took a stab in the dark and called to schedule an appointment. BINGO, I hit the lottery with this one!!!! Dr. Treyzon was more thorough than any doctor we had ever encountered. He did not treat her like a number, but as if she was his on ly patient. Blood work detected an unknown infection not related to anything intestinal. He immediately called her himself with her results, gave her some suggestions for treatment and a referral for a doctor who specialized in that issue. Here’s what is most impressive, Dr. Treyzon did not just pass her off to the next guy BUT ordered another test that found the culprit causing the infection. He then ordered the appropriate antibiotic to treat the infection. Unfortunately, several days into taking the antibiotic she had a relatively unusual allergic reaction. On a Saturday, she calls his office leaves a message and he personally (almost immediately) returned her call from a conference he was attending out of town. He conferred with two other doctors at this conference to confirm that his plan for treatment was the best course of action. THEN, the very next day he texted to check to see if she was improving. Trust me when I say, I have worked with many doctors over the years for myself and ailing family members with severe health issues. In my time, I have encountered and have some wonderfully talented physicians to assist in our health care. But, the personal attention and focus that Dr. Treyzon has provided to my “little girl” (although an adult always my “little girl”) was unspeakably the most remarkable display of human kindness/concern we have ever had a physician display. If there are classes on physician/patient interactions, Dr. Treyzon should be that role model for such a course. Probably should be teaching such a class, but let us not lose him to the academic world. Although I have not personally met Dr. Treyzon, I get a full report (because I ask my daughter 110 questions, with eye rolls I can feel through the phone) from my daughter. Dr. Treyzon, I give you a 100% for exceptional patient care and treatment. From a worrying mother, thank you for taking such concern and great care of her.
Elmira D.
Submitted 01/06/18
Dr. Treyzon ROCKS!!! He found the root cause of my GI problem. I had been to many GI doctors in the past, none of them had been able to help me. None! I had given up. I found Dr. Treyzon through an email list I'm on for a region in LA. As soon as someone asks for a GI doc recommendation, at least 5 different people respond, all highly recommending Dr. Treyzon - and no one else. Dr. Treyzon performed 2 procedures on me (both went flawless) and both showed no signs of any problem. Other doctors would have stopped right there, but not Dr. Treyzon, he ran a more comprehensive test and discovered the source of my problem. I am very grateful to him for that. He treats you like you're his only patient. I send him an email and in no time he responds! I don't know how he does it. Unbelievable. Dr. Treyzon, thank you so much for being such an awesome doctor. My hat's off to you!
Cali M.
Submitted 04/11/17
Dr. Treyzon has incredible expertise, and is an exceptionally thorough physician. His approach is to treat the whole patient - not just the symptoms. He is a physician who persistently thinks through all the possibilities, does all the necessary tests, and listens to his patients. He is VERY responsive, and you are never left waiting for results, or a call. His staff is on top of it, and he always makes himself available - despite his busy practice. He is very accomplished as a physician - and still treats his patients like family. This is so rare these days. Our entire family sees him, and we are lucky to have him as a doctor.
Submitted 03/16/17
It is my pleasure to share my experience that I had with Dr.Treyzon. This being my very first visit and feeling ill for quite a while, I was very concerned about my symptoms and meeting a new doctor. I made my first phone call to the office and spoke to Amie, I learned that she is Dr. Trezon's assistant. She was gracious and very professional, as she Informed me about my visit. I made my appointment. Soon I would see the doctor, I was then greeted in the reception area, with such warmth by Dr. Treyzons nurse Anna, as she compassionately reviewed my symptoms with me and prepared me to see the doctor. When Dr. Treyzon entered the room, it took only moments, to know when a doctor CARES. As he began putting the "puzzle of my symptoms" together, I felt hopeful… I felt at ease… and I also felt, that not only my problems would be treated but this is a beginning of a new journey, a healthy journey with a doctor with great knowledge and deep compassion. Thank you Dr.Treyzon. With gratitude, Linda
April M.
Submitted 02/20/17
Dr. Treyzon is exactly what you are looking for in a doctor. At our initial appointment, he never looked away from my husband and I one time, he listened to everything we had to say even if it wasn't applicable and asked questions to try to understand the full picture. We knew right then that he would be the right provider for our uncertain ailment. Since that appointment, he wrote and called us countless times to ensure that we were takin the proper medications and understanding the process. In addition, his staff is extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and was even able to schedule our procedure on a Saturday as it is more convenient for us. We have and will continue to recommend Dr. Treyzon to anyone in need of GI services. Thank you Dr. Treyzon!
Gizelle Z.
Submitted 02/02/17
It is a pleasure to give a review for Dr. Leo Treyzon He has really helped me with my Issues and is following me closely. Dr. Leo Treyzon is everything you ever imagined a doctor should be and then some! He is hand down one of the best doctors I have ever met is caring yet very knowledgeable and professional. He is an excellent
Karen S.
Submitted 01/24/17
I have known Dr. Treyzon for 8 years. He took care of my daughter when she was hospitalized and had GI complications after spinal surgery. He was really helpful and warm in our moment of need. We were so impressed with him then, that the whole family started seeing him. My husband, daughter, and I have all had procedures without any problems. it was a nice experience, as good as that can be. Dr. Treyzon is one of a kind in that he listens to my own perspective and my preferences for how to address my concerns. He is willing and enthusiastic to collaborate with other providers like dietitians, accupuncturists, our pain manager, and our primary care physicians. He is focused on the big picture of our global health, not just the GI problem. he readily admits when there are better tests available to diagnose or treat my problems than those available at Cedars-Sinai. There is a sense that he will treat us like he would treat himself or a family member. He explains things really well. Visits are not rushed. I also email with him often. He responds at night and weekends.
Cristina A.
Submitted 10/17/16
Dr.Treyzon is an amazing doctor! I felt so comfortable talking to him about uncomfortable issues as GI issues can be! He is highly knowledgeable, very professional and he took the time not only to explain my condition, but also to answer any questions I had, even after I left his office! I highly recommend Dr. Treyzon!!!
Ellen G.
Submitted 02/28/16
The first time I met Dr. Treyzon, I was blown away. Clearly part of a very busy practice, I thought I’d get maybe 5 minutes of his time to quickly try and explain to him what was going on with me and determine a strategy on how to move forward. I couldn’t have been more wrong. He sat across from me asking questions and gathering information with a laser-focus on my health and me. I never felt rushed and was astounded by the amount of time he spent with me. He took time to explain everything and the genuine concern I felt coming from him put me at ease. He had just met me and yet I felt like getting me to feel better was his top priority. Since that first visit, he came up with a diagnosis and treatment plan that has served me well for the most part. The part that hasn’t is self-inflicted because let’s be honest….who wants to do the FODMAP diet for the rest of their life?!? Half my favorite foods are on the elimination list! My company also changed insurance 3 times since I started seeing him and his assistant Amie has been so helpful in determining my coverage and letting me know what to expect. There’s a real desire on their part to get me the best medicine for the most affordable price. In fact, when one of my insurance companies denied the very expensive antibiotic I needed, they put me in touch with another pharmacy that helped me to obtain the medication needed through an assistance program…and they delivered it to my home. Amazing! It hasn’t been a smooth road in the year and a half I’ve been seeing Dr. Treyzon as there have been additional developments with my health. His unwavering support and concern have been proven over and over by his availability to me at all hours, and always with such a calming influence. He answers his own emails and always much more quickly than I would expect anyone with a practice the size of his to be able to do. I honestly don’t know how he does it, but I’m grateful he does. This must be what it feels like to have a doctor in the family…and at the end of the day, isn’t that type of care we all hope to get?!? Well, look no further because that’s what you get with Dr. Treyzon and his staff!

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